VIJAYA NAIR, M.D. A native of Singapore, she earned her Medical Degree in Psychiatry from the National University of Singapore. Dr. Nair later immigrated to the United States, where she completed her Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Psychiatry and Epidemiology at Harvard Medical Shool. She subsequently received a Master’s Degree in Epidemiology from Columbia University and did post-doctoral studies. Dr. Nair went on to serve as Professor of Epidemiology at Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health.

For several years she was the Director of the Haelan Research Foundation where she was involved in a number of research projects with scientists/doctors in world-renowned research institutions in the US, UK, Germany, Singapore and Malaysia. She examined the role and benefits of consuming fermented based products in healthy volunteers as well as in malnourished individuals diagnosed with terminal cancers and other chronic and degenerative illnesses. She has won national and international awards for her work as well as authored numerous research publications and articles in her quest to educate the public about the health benefits of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory remedies.

Dr. Nair is currently the CEO of a woman-owned Bionutraceutical Company, Essence of Life, LLC, based in New York. She and her team collaborate with other world-renowned scientists in clinical research evaluating safe alternative therapies from Eastern medicinal approaches, such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine as preventive therapies, as well as to address complications and side effects of conventional medical treatments for heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s. As a result of her extensive research, she has developed the JIVA line of Nutraceutical Supplements that are carefully formulated according to scientific and traditional guidelines, and are available to the public.

Dr. Nair is also the author of a highly acclaimed book on preventive health that promotes natural anti-inflammatory remedies called Prevent Cancer, Strokes, Heart Attacks and Other Deadly Killers. She and Howard Peiper, N.D. are hosts of their own weekly radio show called “Kiss Your Life Hello” on VoiceAmerica’s Health & Wellness Channel.

On the humanitarian scene, Dr. Nair and her Company are involved in READ Global, an organization launched in 1991 to build libraries and bring women’s empowerment centers to rural and remote parts of the underdeveloped world.

She may be contacted through her Jiva Office in Mount Kisco, New York by phone 800-517-7606, fax 800-517-3792, website and e-mail

Dr. Nair will speak on Prevent Cancer, Strokes, Heart Attacks and Other Deadly Killers Through Natural Anti-Inflammatory Healing Remedies.

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