JEFF GREEN, NATIONAL DIRECTOR FOR CITIZENS FOR SAFE DRINKING WATER has owned and operated a management consulting firm called Jeff Green and Associates since 1972. He has provided professional services to more than 400 Dentists, as well as numerous Chiropractors, Naturopaths and other health professionals.

Jeff is a Co-Founder with David Kennedy, D.D.S. of Citizens for Safe Drinking Water, providing guidance and strategies, scientific documentation, legislative text, legal perspective, and grassroots initiative support for constituents and representatives in 35 states, since 1996 as well as speaking as an expert to State Legislatures in California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Ohio.

Jeff initiated a Congressional investigation on Fluoride through the U.S. House Committee on Science from 1998 to 2000 and arranged testimony for the U.S. Senate hearing on Arsenic, Radon and Fluoride. He also provided evidence and testimony for the long-awaited 2006 Nation Research Council Report on Fluoride.

Jeff Green may be contacted through the Citizens for Safe Drinking Water located in San Diego, California by phone 800-728-3833 and website

He will speak on Fluoride’s Toxic Effect On Thyroid Hormones, Hip Fractures & Osteosarcoma.

From left to right:
Jeff Green, National Director, Citizens for Safe Drinking Water; Paul Borraccia, L.A. Chapter, Citizens for Safe Drinking Water; Lorraine Rosenthal, Co-Founder, Cancer Control Society and David Morgan, Ph.D., Biochemist & Activist.


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