DAN HALEY, FORMER NEW YORK STATE ASSEMBLYMAN grew up in New York State, the son of an Episcopal minister and an educator. After earning a B.A. cum laude in General Studies from Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts, he spent a few years in the Foreign Service, the Air Force and the U.S. Agency for International Development, stationed in Brazil.

In 1970, Mr. Haley was elected to the New York State Assembly in Albany for 6 years. In 1975, he became Chairman of the Legislatureís Joint Commission on Energy and launched a campaign against nuclear power and for renewable energy.

Always interested in breakthroughs in health as well as energy, Mr. Haley came across case after case of effective and non-toxic therapies, which were shot down and shut down for political reasons. Believing he knew something about politics, he figured that perhaps someday he could be useful. Getting acquainted with former Congressman Berkley Bedell in 1990, he was drawn even closer into Alternative Medicine.

In 1996, Mr. Haley began writing Politics In Healing Ė The Suppression And Manipulation Of American Medicine, which he completed 5 years later. The book includes chapters on Mildred Nelson and the Hoxsey Therapy, Stanley Jacob, M.D. and DMSO, William Koch, M.D. and the Koch Therapy, Gaston Naessens and 714-X, Robert Becker, M.D. and Dan Kirsch, Ph.D. and Electromedicine.

Dan believes that if youíre going to show how something is wrong, you have an obligation to show how to fix it. In a nutshell, his solutions are: free the doctors from any interference, unless they hurt someone, and get the government out of the regulation of anything non-toxic. The first part of the solution would be the passage of Congressman Berkley Bedellís Access to Medical Treatment Act, plus a draft bill to forbid the FDA from regulating anything no more toxic than aspirin.

Mr. Haley believes that we want government to protect us from things that can hurt us, but that we do not need to pay bureaucrats to protect us from things that canít hurt us. He urges a completely free market in non-toxic or harmless therapies, allowing them to complete freely with the toxic ones.

Mr. Haley may be contacted through Potomac Valley Press by phone at (800) 898-0639, where the book can be ordered.

He will speak on The Politics In Healing & The Solution - Koch, Hydrazine Sulfate, Burzynski & More.


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